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Héloïse & Étienne

Wedding at Château de Miremont

Miremont Castle

The day began early in the morning with a magnificent show on the nearby lake.

It's early October and they're predicting a very sunny day. For all brides and grooms without exception, this is the variable we've been waiting for with impatience and anxiety.

But today it's sunny and warm, and that's great because everyone's happy! And you can see it on everyone's faces. We've been waiting for this day for over a year.

Héloïse booked her Clermont-Ferrand wedding photographer in October last year, second only to the reception venue. It's true that it's very important to book service providers as early as possible, so as to have a choice.

Wedding preparations at Miremont Castle

The bride

Héloïse and Étienne decided to get ready together at Château de Miremont, which was very convenient for the photos. Some of the guests are even staying at the château.

A little anecdote for this day: the little princess of the two lovers is going to wear the same dress Heloise wore at her parents' wedding. She's as beautiful as ever.

Make-up and hair for the bride and her guests were done by the wonderful Maude from Mylaa Evans. The result was magnificent. We took up quarters in the dungeon tower, where I was able to photograph Héloïse descending the spiral staircase in her beautiful wedding dress.

There's no telling how many steps you'll have to climb up and down. Being a wedding photographer in Clermont-Ferrand means above all being in shape. So it's best not to forget anything at the top of the tower (private joke).

The groom

Étienne got ready on the first floor, surrounded by his cousins, with a hint of James Bond. We'll see if you catch the hint.


Wedding at Miremont castle: the ceremony

The Town Hall

When everyone was finally ready, we headed for the Pulvérières town hall, where it was the auntie who married them. It's a real pleasure when it's a family affair, and when the speech is so personalized and touching.

The whole procession then walked to the nearby church.

Church ceremony

The playful priest was wonderful, and the ceremony he conducted was enriched with a personal touch that made it a moving and touching moment.

As we left the church, Héloïse's grandmother was moved. We took the opportunity to take some photos.

Wedding at Chateau de Miremont: the party

Cocktails in the chateau courtyard

Group photos were taken in front of the château in just 12 minutes. Once this was done, the guests were finally treated to a cocktail prepared by the caterer "le Gourmet Fiolant". Their meal was unanimously appreciated by the guests.

Before the sun soon disappeared behind the hills surrounding the castle, we had a quick photo session.

During the evening, guests and bride and groom write words, thoughts, memories or wishes in a book. This book is then kept by the bride and groom as a memento of their union and this unique day.

There were personalized James Bond-themed books, among others.

The book ceremony is usually celebrated during a secular ceremony. It's a symbolic ritual that strengthens the bonds between the bride and groom and their loved ones. It is also a means of creating a unique and unforgettable souvenir of this very special day.

The evening

We had an unforgettable evening, punctuated by moving speeches (one of which made us laugh out loud) and souvenir slideshows.

It's a day we'll never forget.

We had an unforgettable evening, punctuated by moving speeches (one of which made us laugh out loud) and souvenir slideshows.
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Emilie & Jérôme

We wanted to sincerely thank you, beyond your magnificent, passionate and extremely professional artistic work, we, the bride and groom, as well as all the guests and suppliers, appreciated your kindness.

You were very accessible and approachable, understanding and pleasant. Throughout, you guided us, relaxed us and adapted to us all, with a lot of patience and kindness, always with a smile, understanding and complicity.

It was with great emotion that we discovered the first photos today, surrounded by our parents, and we are extremely touched by your blog entry, which is a beautiful memory for us, a wonderful gift that you are giving us.

We never doubted your professional qualities and the result, which was bound to please us, but the result goes beyond our expectations, and for us, we were very lucky to have you to mark these unique moments forever... so simply and with great emotion.

Thank you.