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Wedding photography Clermont-Ferrand & France

wedding photo-reportage in the streets of Clermont-Ferrand after the ceremony at the town hall

I propose to capture your D-day in an original and emotional way.

Wedding photographer in Clermont-Ferrand, I specialize in photojournalism.

It's a style that favors images taken on the spot, like a photo documentary. At the same time, I add an artistic, graphic and original touch. I always look for unique angles and compositions that tell a story.

My photos are colorful and have a strong visual impact. They'll let you relive your wedding as if you were there again.

More than just beautiful images, I propose to capture the emotions of your big day. I'm here to accompany you throughout your day, from your preparations to the evening.

I've been photographing weddings all over France and the world for over 12 years. I have received numerous international awards for my work.
I am an experienced professional who will accompany and advise you to make your special day unforgettable.

As a passionate professional wedding photographer, I want to offer you original photos full of emotion. I'm convinced that wedding photography shouldn't be boring.

Introduction to wedding photography in Clermont-Ferrand

You have celebrated your engagement and you are looking for your wedding photographer in Clermont-Ferrand or elsewhere in France? If you're on this page, it's because you're looking for a wedding specialist who will capture your eternal love with originality and authenticity.

You're about to say yes in a beautiful ceremony and celebrate with your loved ones. What's most important for high-quality images is the wedding photographer's experience and photographic style.

The big day flies by, and each event happens only once. So it's important to anticipate every moment of the ceremony and the big day. Like the exchange of wedding rings, symbolizing your eternal love.

I'll use all my know-how to immortalize your eternal love with high-quality photos. You'll enjoy displaying them in your living room.

Wedding ring ceremony
Wedding ring ceremony

Wedding coverage


Wedding photography is a difficult profession, as it requires a great mastery of light and the event. You have to be able to capture the important moments without missing anything. Unlike studio photography, you have no control over the light or the events. And you don't want to miss the exchange of wedding rings or be out of place during the ceremony. I offer all-day wedding photography, because I love to tell your story of eternal love, from the preparations to the opening of the dancefloor. That's why I leave at 1 a.m., which is plenty of time on the big day.

Authentic rendering

You'll get a huge number of high-quality images. On average, I provide between 600 and 800 high-definition images for packages that include the evening.
I start in the morning by photographing accessories such as the dress, jewelry and your wedding band with the engagement ring, then I attack the wedding reportage with the bride's preparations. On the big day, I'll follow you with the utmost discretion, capturing every moment as authentically as possible. Being a wedding photographer means being everywhere, seeing and anticipating everything with the utmost discretion.

Pre-wedding session

I also offer sessions before the big day, known as "engagement" sessions. We can meet for an engagement shoot before the big day. This will enable you to familiarize yourself with the lens and with your Clermont Ferrand wedding photographer.
You can also project images of the day during the ceremony or evening. This will engrave your eternal love forever.
If you're getting married out of season or during the week, I offer to shoot a wedding report for a minimum of 2 hours up to the whole day of the big day.

wedding photographer clermont ferrand - chicago couple session

Storytelling in wedding photography

Tell your story in documentary style

Storytelling in wedding photography is much more than just a collection of photos. It's about telling the story of your unique day, capturing the emotions and authentic moments that make it special.

A good wedding photographer is a storyteller. He captures the knowing glances, the laughter, the tears of joy, the little details that make all the difference. He brings out the personality of each guest and the essence of your relationship.

The end result is a wedding album that doesn't just recount the events of the day, but lets you relive the atmosphere and emotions of that special moment.

That's why it's so important to capture your entire day: from the preparations to the dancefloor where your loved ones celebrate your union. Evening photos bring your story to a beautiful conclusion.

I especially love speeches, as they are a moment of intense emotion, and night-time couple sessions, to show off your reception venue and your couple under the stars.

A rare experience in photojournalism

As an experienced professional, I emphasize the authenticity of moments. I draw on my photographic experience in Lebanon and Afghanistan. Indeed, I had the opportunity to make photo documentaries during armed conflicts. My aim was to capture the moment in its purest authenticity. 

So I can put my experience and know-how in photojournalism at your disposal.

Throughout the day, I make myself forget, so as not to interfere with events. In this way, I can capture moments authentically.

That way, when you look at your wedding album later on, you'll be able to capture the atmosphere and mood of the day.

Speech dad - Storytelling wedding photographer Clermont-Ferrand

Wedding photographer Clermont-Ferrand: wedding specialist

What family and friends have to say

I love a part of the day that's both intense and moving, and that makes for absolutely unique photos: evening shots.

With this moment come emotional highlights. Once the evening gets underway, it's time for the speeches by the witnesses and parents.

It's one of my favorite moments.


Because that's when the pressure's off. The stress is gone and people are hugging, kissing and saying loving words to each other.

And sometimes, after the speech, tears of joy roll down the faces of those emotionally-charged moments.

The result is absolutely stunning photos. Heartbreaking images that tell YOUR story.

With these moving wedding photos, I've achieved my goal as a storyteller and photojournalist.

Artistic photo rendering

In addition to "traditional" photography, I'm particularly fond of a unique artistic style.

To this end, I look for angles, reflection effects and sparkling colors to give your photos a unique, breathtaking look.

I know that some photographers claim that they don't take posed photos. For me, this is a mistake.

In fact, a successful couple's photo session is one where the couple is at ease and the chemistry is palpable.

To achieve this, it is necessary to guide the couple and give them indications on the postures to adopt.

That's how you'll get original, high-quality photos that will remain precious memories for the rest of your life.

Patience and tenacity are essential for a successful photo shoot, to get THE shot that will make a "Wow!" effect.

wedding photographer clermont ferrand - couple session under the stars in a car

How to make a reservation

1. Contact us

Fill in the form on contact page to contact me directly.

Don't hesitate to give me details about you, your couple and your wedding day. The more information you give me, the better I'll be able to understand your expectations and offer you a personalized service.

This is your chance to ask me questions, tell me about your desires and see if we're a good fit.

Chateau de la Durantie wedding - Bride portrait in the bedroom
Tuscan garden couple

2. Let's get to know each other

Whether in person or by videoconference, our appointment will be an opportunity to get to know each other and discuss your wedding plans.

Here's what we'll cover:

  1. Your vision of the ideal wedding. Tell me about your dreams and desires for your special day.
  2. Your expectations in terms of photography. What style of photography are you looking for? What are your priorities?
  3. My way of working. I will present my photographic approach and my creative process.
  4. My rates. I'll make you a personalized offer based on your needs and budget.


This appointment is important so that we can identify your expectations and create a relationship of trust.

Don't hesitate to ask me any questions you may have, I'll be delighted to answer them.

3. Date reservation

To confirm your wedding date, simply follow these two steps:

1. Contract signature

An electronic contract will be made available to you online.
Please read it carefully and sign it electronically.

2. Down payment

A deposit of 30% of the total amount is required to confirm your booking.
Payment can be made by bank transfer.

The remaining balance is due 30 days before your wedding date.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Why hire a wedding professional?

All that will remain of your special day are the memories and the photos. So, to be sure of getting exceptional photos without compromise, it's important to hire a wedding specialist. He'll be able to anticipate every event, every tender moment, to be in the right place using the right light.
The wedding photographer is the pillar of your day. He or she will tell your story with authenticity.

Visio appointments to prepare your wedding
400 to 800 retouched images in high definition without watermark for free download
8 to 16 consecutive hours of coverage on the big day
Documentary photo rendering of your day for total immersion
A private online gallery
Advice before the big day to make no mistakes and get exceptional photos
Delivery of images within 30 days

Optional: Albums, pre-wedding photo shoot, post-wedding photo shoot, prints, drone, etc.

I offer a 25-30 minute couple session on the big day, during the cocktail party. This session takes place away from your guests, so you can enjoy complete peace and quiet. I'll guide you throughout the session to get the most beautiful images. No need to be a photo model, I assure you. You'll get the same images I present on my website. The aim is for you to feel at ease, so that your photos are authentic. Your total trust is necessary for me to produce original images. Patience and tenacity are necessary: a beautiful image requires work, several attempts and reflection to fully exploit the location and the play of light.

My photo style is based on photojournalism: images taken on the spot. I shoot in the style of a photo documentary, to relive the events of the day.

On the other hand, I add an artistic side with colorful images that have a strong visual impact.

If we had to give a name to this style of wedding photography, it would be the Fearless style. Named after a famous international competition for wedding photographers. Fearless, I'll try my hand at original photography, so that you'll have extraordinary memories while telling your story in the most authentic way.

I'm based near Clermont-Ferrand, but I travel all over France and the world.

The most remote weddings I photographed were in Hong Kong and Hawaii.

Travel and accommodation costs are extra.

Couples night session chateau de maulmont France wedding photographer

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Emilie & Jérôme

We wanted to sincerely thank you, beyond your magnificent, passionate and extremely professional artistic work, we, the bride and groom, as well as all the guests and suppliers, appreciated your kindness.

You were very accessible and approachable, understanding and pleasant. Throughout, you guided us, relaxed us and adapted to us all, with a lot of patience and kindness, always with a smile, understanding and complicity.

It was with great emotion that we discovered the first photos today, surrounded by our parents, and we are extremely touched by your blog entry, which is a beautiful memory for us, a wonderful gift that you are giving us.

We never doubted your professional qualities and the result, which was bound to please us, but the result goes beyond our expectations, and for us, we were very lucky to have you to mark these unique moments forever... so simply and with great emotion.

Thank you.