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This photo gallery will give you an idea of my style. I like to play with light, shadows and perspective. These work samples perfectly represent my artistic style, far removed from traditional photography.

Clermont Ferrand photography is filled with dozens of photographers, each with their own unique style. Browse our work samples and see the difference. Choose the one whose portfolio you like best, because that's what you'll have for life.

Photography Clermont Ferrand Wedding

During our meeting, I'll show you two complete wedding galleries to give you an idea of the consistency and uniformity of my work. This gallery gives you an idea of what you'll get. These work samples showcase my style and my taste for the search for originality, singularity and freshness in wedding photography.

Photography Clermont Ferrand Couple and family

My couple portfolio is interesting because it emphasizes creativity. In fact, at a wedding, we're very limited in terms of general management, since we can't intervene. On the other hand, in a couple or family sessionon the other hand, we can unleash our creativity to the full. Focus on the photographer 's research and work to vary the same scene, to play with light and depth of field.

Photography Clermont Ferrand Boudoir

Due to the intimate nature of these sessions, only a few images are shown in this portfolio. boudoir. After the session, a private gallery with all the photos is delivered so that you can have work samples of your boudoir photo session, allowing you to select the images. Be boudoir photographermeans revealing a person's beauty and softness in a glamorous, sensual and authentic style. If you'd like me to be your boudoir photographer, or if you have any questions, just drop me a line.

"Quality is the best business plan

John Lasseter, Pixar Animation Studios

Emilie & Jérôme

We wanted to sincerely thank you, beyond your magnificent, passionate and extremely professional artistic work, we, the bride and groom, as well as all the guests and suppliers, appreciated your kindness.

You were very accessible and approachable, understanding and pleasant. Throughout, you guided us, relaxed us and adapted to us all, with a lot of patience and kindness, always with a smile, understanding and complicity.

It was with great emotion that we discovered the first photos today, surrounded by our parents, and we are extremely touched by your blog entry, which is a beautiful memory for us, a wonderful gift that you are giving us.

We never doubted your professional qualities and the result, which was bound to please us, but the result goes beyond our expectations, and for us, we were very lucky to have you to mark these unique moments forever... so simply and with great emotion.

Thank you.