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Elodie & Maxime

Château de Gondole, Le Cendre, Puy-de-Dôme, Auvergne

Wedding at Château de Gondole, Puy-de-Dôme

The bride and groom

Marriage is a sacred event that unites two souls, sealing their love before God and their loved ones. Élodie and Maxime, were united religiously in the abbey church of Issoire in Auvergne, before continuing their celebration at the Château de Gondole, located in the charming village of Le Cendre, south of Clermont-Ferrand, capital of the Puy-de-Dôme region. The civil ceremony took place in 2021 at theIssoire ceremony, which I had the pleasure of photographing.

But that's not where I met them. I had the pleasure of photographing them in October 2018 for a maternity session at the foot of the Puy-de-Dôme.

And since then, I've followed them as their family life has evolved. They're much more than customers, they've become friends whom I appreciate enormously. And it's all the more pleasing to have been their wedding photographer at Château de Gondole, Auvergne.

Château de Gondole: the preparations

The bride

The day began at Elodie's parents' home, near downtownIssoire. All the bride's preparations took place there, starting with hair and make-up. 

Elodie, accompanied by her cousins and friends, celebrated the fabulous day in front of the pool. Champagne flowed freely.

Then, in the early afternoon, she slipped into her wedding dress, made-to-measure by Oreline in Issoire. Elodie's mom was on hand for this momentous occasion.

The groom

In between Elodie's make-up and getting dressed, I made a quick trip to their home in Issoire to photograph Maxime's preparations. He was accompanied by a friend and their son. With Marion Vermerie on video, we documented these intimate moments.

Château de Gondole: the ceremony

The arrival of the bride and groom

An unforgettable religious ceremony in Issoire's 12th-century abbey church was the perfect setting for Elodie and Maxime's wedding. A truly historic monument in the Puy-de-Dôme region. A landmark of religion in Auvergne.

With its imposing architecture and colorful stained glass windows, the church has created an atmosphere of contemplation and solemnity.

The guests, dressed in their finest, watched with emotion as the two lovers exchanged their vows. Elodie, resplendent in her wedding dress, walked gracefully down the aisle on her father's arm.

Gondola castle: the evening

Strong emotions

After the ceremony, guests headed to Château de Gondole, a magnificent estate nestled in a green setting in Le Cendre.

The owners only opened the château to weddings 2 years ago. This 19th-century château was chosen for its picturesque beauty and romantic ambience, with a pretty little forest adjoining. The well-kept gardens and majestic facades created an idyllic setting for this special day. The guests greeted the bride and groom as they arrived on a sidecar that was a little tired, but it didn't matter - it was still original and brilliant.

Mom had prepared 120 poppies along the path to the castle. What a superb idea! It was just beautiful, enhanced by the setting sun.

Children's happiness was a priority for Elodie and Maxime. So they created a special area for the youngest guests, including a colorful candy bar, games with duck fishing, a basketball game and inflatables. Children marveled at the sweet treats on offer, while the inflatables kept them busy and enchanted throughout the evening.

The laughter and smiles of the youngsters added a touch of joy and carefreeness to an already magical day.

The first dance

The evening continued with lively, emotionally-charged speeches. The beautifully decorated hall at Château de Gondole lent itself perfectly to the warm atmosphere of the wedding.

After laughing and crying their way through the slideshows, the bride and groom launched into the first dance. In a romantic atmosphere of smoke and soft lighting, the two lovers put on a tender show.

Élodie and Maxime's wedding in Issoire will be forever etched in the memories of all those lucky enough to attend.

The celebration perfectly blended religious tradition with Max's passion for two wheels. The Château de Gondole provided a magical backdrop for the day, while the candy bar and inflatables added a touch of childlike joy.

Love, sharing and happiness were the watchwords of this exceptional day, which united two souls and celebrated their radiant future together.

The evening meal was prepared by the Montrognon catering team. It was a real delight.

The role of the wedding photographer is to capture moments of joy and emotion on the spot throughout the day.

Believe me, there was plenty to do on this beautiful day. Here are the photos.

Congratulations, my friends, I wish you all the happiness in the world, you truly deserve it.

Check out their wedding photos now.

Photo gallery - Wedding at Château de Gondole

Recent reports

Emilie & Jérôme

We wanted to sincerely thank you, beyond your magnificent, passionate and extremely professional artistic work, we, the bride and groom, as well as all the guests and suppliers, appreciated your kindness.

You were very accessible and approachable, understanding and pleasant. Throughout, you guided us, relaxed us and adapted to us all, with a lot of patience and kindness, always with a smile, understanding and complicity.

It was with great emotion that we discovered the first photos today, surrounded by our parents, and we are extremely touched by your blog entry, which is a beautiful memory for us, a wonderful gift that you are giving us.

We never doubted your professional qualities and the result, which was bound to please us, but the result goes beyond our expectations, and for us, we were very lucky to have you to mark these unique moments forever... so simply and with great emotion.

Thank you.